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Did you get anything from our association?

We give you an article and a $50 bonus when you create an account on our website and confirm your email.


01) What should the article be like?

The article you can write should be based on one of the topics on our websites. Your essay should not be a copy of someone else's. Be your own creativity. Only then can your articles be published on our site.

02) How can I get my article paid?

From the time your article is published on our website, when visitors view your article, your earnings will be shown in your account.

03) How much can I earn per year?

Your article will earn lifetime income. When 1000 visitors view your article, you get $5 in dollar value.

04) How can I get your income?

It can be obtained in two ways. One is your bank account. or PayPal account. Your income will be sent through whichever of these you have given as default account.

05) How much money can we get from each other?

Whenever you reach $50 in your account, you will receive your earnings within three working days. We will send you an email once your return has been sent.

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